Partnering to drive Personalized Medicine.

A Collaborative Partner for Fit-for-Purpose Biospecimens

National Hospital Network Enables Industrial Scale Biospecimen Collection

The Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Center for Translational Research (CTR) provides fully consented biospecimens and clinical data to researchers, facilitating the development of next-generation drugs, diagnostics and devices. Our state-of-the-art research facility and biorepository, coupled with our 100+ hospital network and three academic medical centers, is here to support your discovery, preclinical and product development programs.

Our national program was designed from the ground up to address industry’s unmet biospecimen needs. We have implemented a network of collection sites, all of which operate under centralized protocols and processes, allowing for highly regulated and standardized biospecimen collection. With this program, we collect biospecimens and associated clinical data under IRB-approved protocols from consented patients using best-in-class methodologies. Our program consists of:

  • The Discovery Research Network—A dedicated and embedded team of physicians, scientists, research professionals and hospital partners focused on biospecimen collection.
  • The CTR CLIA and Translational Laboratory—A dedicated and embedded team of physicians, scientists and research professionals focused on providing genomic services in both a CLIA-regulated and RUO environment.
  • Population Data Enterprise——Connectivity to CHI’s Centralized Research Data Warehouse, enabling biospecimen annotation and patient population based queries and analytics.

Our Vision

We seek partners from academia, biopharma and government to improve people’s lives through personalized healthcare. We aspire to accomplish this by creating clinical solutions from biomedical research. To this end, we have created a national research enterprise. Our team consists of physicians, scientists, clinical research professionals, bioinformaticians and regulatory specialists. Cloud-based informatics tools and standardized, quality-controlled processes are both integral and fundamental to the implementation of our program.

We assist our partners with:

  • Study design, protocol creation, IRB approval and study implementation.
  • Procurement of fit-for-purpose biospecimens and associated clinical data.
  • CLIA or RUO analyses in support of research studies.
  • Clinical investigator engagement to support precision medicine-focused research studies.



Includes both solid and hematologic malignancies. Biospecimens are collected at standard of care appointments. Sample types include, but are not limited to: tissue (benign, diseased and adjacent normal), blood and blood derivatives. Medical data includes up to 10 years of follow-up.


Access to a comprehensive list of autoimmune diseases. Samples include, but are not limited to: tissue, blood, urine, sputum and cerebrospinal fluid. Medical data includes up to 10 years of follow-up.

Archival FFPE Blocks

Consent-waived protocol allowing access to any FFPE blocks, from any indication, located at our partnered hospitals’ pathology departments (at the discretion of the local pathologist).

We Are Here. We Are Healthcare.

We work closely with the physicians, pathologists and hospital staff that deliver today’s healthcare, and use their knowledge and insights to identify unmet medical needs.

We then work within CHI to develop hypotheses, subsequently utilizing translational methodologies to address these research questions directly, or in partnership with others. Embedded within the nation’s fifth-largest health system, the CTR provides the necessary breadth, infrastructure and expertise to translate data into knowledge—and knowledge into action.

Organized under CHI’s Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI), the CTR works closely with two other CIRI entities: The Center for Clinical Research and The Center for Healthcare Innovation. Through this institute, CHI has created a visionary model for research and innovation, transforming cutting-edge science and technology into clinical solutions.


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