Commitment to Excellence in Progressing Health.

As one of the largest faith-based providers of community—and academic center—based care in the era of health care reform, Catholic Health Initiatives recognizes the necessity of research and innovation.

NCI | Community Oncology Research Program

The formation of CHI Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI) signaled a clear commitment to the health care community and industry stakeholders that CHI is a vested participant in the process of innovation.

It also highlighted the strategic prioritization of innovation at CHI, which has a long history of pioneering models and systems to enhance care delivery and patient access.

In 2007, CHI recognized that health care innovation could be served and sustained through an independent research company, which could foster partnerships with private, government and corporate partners to support its mission.

Staffed by fully dedicated research and innovation professionals, CIRI has a programmatic focus on three main areas that present challenges and opportunities to modern health care:

  • Access to, and participation in, research on the latest innovations in medicines and medical devices
  • Access to sustainable quality care to create healthy communities
  • Advancing personalized medicine in community health

Through the specialization of its centers, CIRI is a partnering organization that connects CHI’s hospitals with system-wide initiatives; research programs; and private, government and industry partners dedicated to research and innovation. CIRI staff members serve as core resources to the centers, representing expertise in strategy, medical affairs, finance, business development and marketing/communications. Staff members come from diverse backgrounds that span community healthcare, industry, and academia, which enables a team dynamic of formulating solutions across stakeholders.

Each of the centers benefits from being part of the nation’s second-largest faith-based health system. Catholic Health Initiatives is a national nonprofit health system that operates in 17 states and includes 100+ hospitals; 40 long-term care, assisted- and residential-living facilities; two community health-services organizations; two accredited nursing colleges; and home health agencies.


For partnering opportunities and to learn more about how you can participate, contact the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation.

CHI Institute for Research and Innovation

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